Jonathan "King of nerds" Coulton is an internet musician who rather than lock his music away behind DRM and having to pay before you could hear it, he gave it away and said, "If you like it, I'd appreciate some money", and people did like it, and they did pay.

The Jonathan Coulton Adventures is brought to you by that weird guy that set up a website to make music videos for Jonathans' music, made a few using the "Flickr" style video, 2 1/2 live action videos, and then stopped as everyone else started making videos, and they were better. Now he is sticking at what he is good at, programming! He is a geek at heart.



Welcome to the home of The Jonathan Coulton Adventures.

This is a completely free to play graphic adventure game based on and inspired by Jonathan Coultons' music.

The adventure game is a '2D' sprite based game similar to those released in the early 90s by LucasArts. Think The Secret of Monkey Island meets Jonathan Coulton!

Play Episode 1

We are back

30th April 2015

My host provider decided to take my site offline, but still charge me, which is very kind of them.
Apparently the forums were getting spammed and caused too much load. So I remove the forums.

Win a Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft Beta Key Weekend

19th October 2013

Play the adventure game all the way through to the very end and then answer these questions:

  1. What excuse does Jonathan Coulton give on the phone?
    (Hint: Find the phone number in your bedroom and phone him from work)
  2. Why don't you want to enter the kitchen at home?
    (Hint: it's after the song at the end of the game)
  3. What is the name of the song at the end of the game?
    (Hint: you can figure it out by looking at Jonathan Coultons website)
  4. How many songs where part of Thing A Week?
    (Hint: Look at Jonathan Coultons website)
  5. What is the name of the game series that Jonathan Coulton wrote a song for both of them?
    (Hint: there is a version of them on the Artifial Heart album, and one is not sung by Jonathan)
  6. What type of robots appear in the Christmas song Chiron Beta Prime?
    (Hint: listen to the song for free on Jonathan Coultons website)
  7. In the song Skullcrusher Mountain, what is combined with a pony to make a gift?
    (Hint: listen to the song for free on Jonathan Coultons website)
Once you have the answers (and believe me, these are easy) email them to JoCoAdv@JoCoAdv.com and I will randomly pick one at 8am BST (GMT+1) Monday 21st of October.

I recommend playing the tutorial in full, or you may not understand the interface.

Released at last!

May 2013

Yes, the game is released!

If your screen resolution is too small, try pressing "F11" and make sure the web page header is hidden (there is a link called "Hide Header").

If you find any bugs, please email them to me. Enjoy!

Beta Testing

February 2013

I am in the very final stages of development, and within a few weeks, beta testing will begin. And you know what comes after beta testing? Launch!

If you can't wait for the full launch, and think you would be a good person to find bugs and possible improvements to the game, then you can apply to be a beta tester at the following email:


Video Creator and General Update

January 2013

Since I write updates so infrequently, I start with the usual, yes we are still here.

There had been a technical issue since the begining of the project that I had been desperately trying to resolve, the good news is it is resolved.

I only have one issue still to resolve and that is the short intro movie and end game cinematic are still pending. Over the years I have asked everyone I know that makes videos to help. I had one guy who is very good agree to do it, but he has been very quite for over a year now, so my hopes are dwindling that he will do it afterall. Worse case, I will make it, but if any of you fine people are video makers and could spare some time to assist, I would be very greatful.

In an ideal world, the video would be a flash video using the art assests I already have, but ultimately, if it looks good, that is flexible.

There are certain things the video needs to achieve (like having a certain JoCo song playing), but beyond that, the video maker will have creative freedom.

Anyone interested sould apply on the email below.

Finally, when will the game be out, well that depends on if I need to make the videos, that will add months to the release date. I would like it to be out this year though, as the game is looking almost finished with the audio mostly in place.


Audition Time

July 2011

We have just started auditioning for voice actors. If you are quick and would like to audition, it may not be too late. Just send us an email using the link below.

This does mean we are still on target for an Autumn/Fall 2011 release.

Can't wait that long? Why not apply for a beta tester role and be one of the first to play the game?


Still here

October 2010

Yes, we are still working away on the game. We are currently working on writing the character dialog. Then we can start the recording process of the audio. Then it is just a matter of putting it in to the game, testing and we are done.

Expect a release date sometime in 2011....yes 2011 I think I can commit to that!

Until then, why not donate some money to our lovely supporter who has funded the game. There is nothing like money to inspire us to speed things along.

Forum Improved and Donations

January 2010

The forum ( #NoForumAnyMore ) was having issues with bots, but I have now solved the issue, so if you were put off before by all the spam, you no longer need worry.

Also, I have now added a button to the top of the page, so you can pay back the wonderful person that is paying for the graphics, if you want to know who it is, you'll just need to donate.


September 2009

We now have a forum ( #ForumsRemoved ), drop in and say hi.


July 2009

All the news will appear on the new blog. Only major headlines will appear here.



If you would like to help on the development of Jonathan Coulton Adventures, or just contact us you can email us at: JoCoAdv@JoCoAdv.com

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